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Telegram bot for cargo transportation

  • Category Telegram bot
  • Start 23 July 2022
  • End 05 September 2022
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We can develop any telegram bot

Telegram bot is designed for carriers and logisticians.
The functionality is similar to the ATI site, but due to its overcomplication, the interface has been redesigned into the form of a step-by-step application submission. The functionality of the bot allows you to send and receive requests for transportation, set several roles for participants, communicate directly with the carrier and compile application statistics.

  • + Backend Development
  • + JavaScript
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Ease of use

Visual hierarchy is the principle of arranging elements in such a way as to show the order of their importance. We structure visual features such as menu icons in a way that makes information easy for users to understand.

Font Style
  • regular Text sending
  • Medium Speed of action
  • SemiBold No internet speed needed
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Programming and development

We can develop a bot for your business if you have an understanding of what you want, as this is the most basic thing in development.