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Integration and configuration amoCRM

Your entire team will be up and running from day one with the easiest-to-use CRM on the market. We implement amoCRM from scratch and develop widgets to suit your individual needs.

The CRM interface is intuitive and does not require training or a period of implementation and adaptation.

  • + Wholesale trade
  • + Online stores
  • + Retail
  • + Educational projects
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To automate a specific business, you need to understand the business processes within the company.

Setting it up

Based on the results of the analysis, we customize the CRM according to your needs. There must be a minimum number of actions to achieve maximum results.

Let's integrate
digital processes

As a result, we will receive a single control center, control over employees and applications + ample opportunities for analytics.

We automate

We configure amoCRM for automatic actions: creating tasks based on your business processes

The manager does not need to think about the next step, he focuses on the tasks. Each stage of the transaction has its own task: moving from task to task, the manager successfully closes the deal. Tasks are set automatically.

Client notifications are an important part of modern marketing; they increase loyalty and eliminate negativity. SMS, e-mail, telegram, etc. At the right time, notifications will be sent automatically, we will set everything up for you.

The creation of a commercial proposal, invoice, and closing documents will occur automatically. But that's not all! All documents are sent to the client automatically and receipt of the letter is tracked. No more calling and asking “Did you receive your bill?”

Will the implementation of amoCRM lead to increased sales?

The system itself will set the task, remind you of the meeting, generate the necessary document and send it to the client.

Analytics appears for each employee. In addition to the employee’s revenue, you can see who made how many calls, how many letters he sent, etc.

All requests are received and stored in amoCRM, wherever the client applies.

Separation of rights will allow each manager to see only their clients.

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