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News December 12, 2022

Which is better - employees in the state or agency

Writen by Alexei

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Hello ! Do you have your own business? How many employees are on your team? How much do you spend per month to pay for their services? How long does recruitment take, as well as emergency situations?
We also think that you have very little free time for successful, busy businessmen. We have an amazing offer for you, we will announce it a little later. First, let's talk in more detail about what will change if you change the strategy of your work.
Your team consists of great specialists who are in the office all day long. The average salary of your employees is 20,000 rubles. per month, as well as each of them, when applying for a job, is issued for employment according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. Your accountant pays taxes, submits a declaration, prepares vacation schedules, etc...
A lot of things have to be done in order for your business to flourish, and the employee to perform quality during his work.
Your specialist can fall ill or quit, and thus create another headache for you ... Change of team, suspension of work, training of new personnel, an endless circle.
Everything can be simplified. By concluding an agreement with just one company and relieve yourself of responsibility for the selection and training of staff.
This will save your time, payroll costs will decrease and you do not need to worry about each employee and changes in the team all the time.
We would like to offer you to conclude an agreement with our company as a remote IT department.
We take care of the maintenance of the site, advertising, etc ... It will be cheaper and better!
No need to select, train, arrange and monitor staff. We will do everything ourselves - quickly, efficiently and not expensive!
Are you interested in our offer?
Then write to us! We will begin to act.
Time is money.