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Social networks are a powerful tool for working with the audience, and if you find a loyal client, he will stay with you for a long time. Our job is to get him what he was looking for.

We take companies for full digital support, including: social networks, website maintenance, advertising and directories.

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Content plan:

We make a plan for the month about what will need to be covered in your channel or group. Based on this, we decide with creatives and photos.

The working process:

Writing unique posts takes time, as well as unique creatives that will be created specifically for each post.


We post posts and monitor activity, collect statistics for analysis.


At the end of the month, we send a report on the work done and its results based on the statistics that we have collected.

We will take your business for full digital support

Maintenance of social networks SMM

Any business now needs social media support - people get to know your company and stay with you. It is very important to talk about what you do and constantly share your story with the audience.

We can take the company for full digital support, which includes a whole range of work to support social networks, websites, directories and advertising.

Support of social networks, SMM marketing

What business needs social media

Many people underestimate social networks and consider it entertainment for searching for pictures with cats, but in fact, many manufacturers show the manufacturing processes of their products there, announce the appearance of new products. People subscribe to communities, and the reach grows along with the audience.

A business in the service industry simply must have social networks. Users subscribe to tips or life hacks and sooner or later they will turn to you or advise their friends or acquaintances.

Here, many prefer promotions and discounts, but in fact it is important to show the difference between products and brands, as far as politics and law allow. Tell about the delivery and experience of using this or that product.

It is important to show the audience the quality of the object being handed over, its service and your attitude towards customers. Any reviews are work, and the more real reviews, the better the content.

Although this can be attributed to services, I would still like to highlight the peculiarity of this business in social networks! This business directly depends on the quality of the content and the creativity of the author. The better the content, the more regular customers you will get.

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