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News June 8, 2023

Cargo transportation – Telegram bot

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Telegram bot for cargo transportation

The Launchstrategies team has introduced a new telegram bot that will help logisticians and carriers quickly and conveniently organize cargo transportation in Russia. The bot is available for use on all devices that support the Telegram messenger.

You need to register to use the bot. and indicate the parameters of the cargo, for example, its weight and volume. Then the bot will show the application to all carriers registered in the bot. Users can choose the best offer and place an order directly in the messenger, carriers can find out the cost and offer their own.

The main advantages of the new service are high speed and ease of use. In addition, the bot allows you to track the status of the order and receive notifications about its changes.

The development team promises that the service will be useful for both large companies and individuals who need to transport goods. Through the use of technology, the bot will constantly improve and adapt to the needs of users.

In general, the new telegram bot for cargo transportation is an innovative and promising service that can greatly simplify the lives of many people. It provides fast and convenient ordering, and also saves time and money when transporting goods. The Launchstrategies team intends to continue working on improving the service and expanding its functionality in the future.

Also, this development can be purchased by any company for use in its company. contact.