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News 21 August 2023

First position in search or top in contextual advertising

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TOP contextual advertising

When we search for something on the Internet, we usually use search engines such as Google or Yandex. Search results are presented to us as a list of links, and often we tend to go to sites that are at the top of this list. Why is this happening?

One reason could be that we trust the search engine and believe that it will give us the most relevant results. In addition, the first links in the list may be marked as "advertising", which can reassure us that these sites have been selected specifically for us and are of particular interest.

Also, people often choose the first links because they don't want to waste time searching for more relevant information. If the first site already provides the information we need, then why look further? This is especially true when we are looking for something urgent or when we are short on time.

Additionally, the first links may be more attractive in terms of design and content. If a site looks professional and presents information in a way that is easy to understand, we are more likely to stay on it longer and look for more information.

Finally, the first links may be more authoritative and popular, which may also influence our choice. If a site has a high rating and good reviews, then we are likely to consider it more reliable and trustworthy.

In general, choosing the first links in a search depends on many factors, such as trust in the search engine, ease of use of the site, quality of content and authority.

Companies engaged in contextual and targeted advertising always try to take a higher position, but the cost of a click in this place will always be higher.

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