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News May 7, 2023

How to create a Telegram bot short guide

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telegram bot instruction

Step 1: Create a bot

1. Go to Telegram and find the @BotFather bot.
2. Message him /start and follow the instructions.
3. Type the /newbot command and follow the instructions to create a new bot.
4. After successfully creating the bot, @BotFather will give you a token that you need to save.

Step 2: Set up the development environment

1. Install Python if it is not already installed on your computer.
2. Install the python-telegram-bot package, which allows you to interact with the Telegram API.

Step 3: Code the bot

1. Create a new Python file and import the required modules:

import telegram
from telegram.ext import Updater, CommandHandler, MessageHandler, Filters

2. Create a handler function for the /start command:

def start(update, context):, text="Hi! I'm a bot.")

3. Create a message handler function:

def echo(update, context):, text=update.message.text)

4. Create a main() function to start the bot:

def main():
updater = Updater(token='YOUR_TOKEN', use_context=True)
dispatcher = updater.dispatcher
start_handler = CommandHandler('start', start)
echo_handler = MessageHandler(Filters.text & (~Filters.command), echo)

5. Replace YOUR_TOKEN with the token you received from @BotFather.

Step 4: Launching the bot

1. Run the Python file with the bot code.
2. Find your bot in Telegram and write a /start message to it.
3. Check the work of the bot by sending him a message.

Ready! Now you can continue to develop your bot by adding new features and handlers.